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Photo courtesy of Flickr.Focus Designs has unveiled the 2.0 version of their Self-Balancing Unicycle (SBU), Wired reports. Meanwhile, Segway Replica Omega 321. Speedmaster Broad Watch users the world over rejoice at no longer being the least awesome travelers on the block.Essentially a one-wheeled Segway, the SBU 2.0 puts out 1000 watts of power and sports three gyroscopes for smooth turns. The battery has about a 12-mile range and enough juice for the SBU to top out at 10 mph, though the average speed seems to be a slow jogging pace. The SBU 2.0 boasts improvements over earlier models, such as an internal hub motor that requires no maintenance and regenerative braking that recaptures energy on downhills and stops.

as I am cleaning up my attic’ for watches, straps and other Oris replica watches related things just need to tidy up a bit here and make room for other/new things.Among them will be two Omega chronographs, a vintage Seamaster, a lot of straps (unused) and watch accessoires.I will make some pictures of all the items ofcourseMaurits, regular visitor of the Paneristi Forum bought himself a nice caliber 321 Speedmaster Pro pre-Moon A nice addition to his already impressive collection of Tool Watches’, as he likes to call them.

But its hard to imagine having a lot of fun on the SBU after the initial novelty wears off. And its easy to imagine attracting confused stares and snickers at the awkward riding position. The video says it all. Hell, Id try it.The groups are hoping to rally spectators into activists during the Games. Canadas identity as a winter wonderland is threatened by its governments support of dirty oil, says Charles Campbell of the Dogwood Initiative.Mary Catherine OConnoris a Replica Omega 2234.50 Seamaster 300m GMT Watch freelance writer, covering the environment, sustainability andoutdoor recreation. The Good Route, her blog for Outside Online, isfocused on the places where the active life and sustainability merge.

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3753.50, comes with original strap and deployant buckle (latest model, with the pushbuttons) and the original stainless steel bracelet.Complete Longines replica watches with box, s and warrantycard (stamped 17th of January 2004).This is the model with the saphire crystal instead of the Hesalite crystal.Also a saphire crystal on the back, to see the cal.1863 movement.This Omega Seamaster Chronograph Olympic Edition from 1992 is number 1300 out of 3000.Quartz movement is caliber plete with box, booklets and overhaul service ticketAlso for sale straps and a Omega wooden watchbox.Click here to see my For Sale page!!!

I said, “You know it’s going to be us doing that samething where I write about us ing at each other, right?”He said, “That’s totally cool, man. No sweat.”It was funny with the Vogalonga story. At the outset, wewere legitimately anxious that we’d get along so well there wouldn’t be astory. But, uh, that ended up not being the case at all. We were at eachother’s throats in a genuine sort of way.The Vogalonga story (see Vogalooooonga from Replica Omega 2907.50.9 Planet Ocean1 JAMES BOND Watch our April 2010 issue,) discusses an ongoing feud, sometimesphysical, between you and your brother Dan. If you were a WWE wrestler, whatwould be your nickname and why?Oh God. Um, I don’t know. Probably “theSweater”. It seems that when I travel with my brother, I’m the guy worryingabout the details while my brother is telling me to chill out and get over it.I think my super power would be logistic anxiety.What’s in your emergency travel kit?I don’t think I have one. I justgot back from Amsterdam last night. I had to go through the whole rigamarolewith the bag because I’d left a tube of toothpaste in there. I still haven’tgone to the trouble of getting travel-sized toiletry containers. I’m such adesperately disorganized traveler that there is no kit.

At r-l-x.de you can order the 2006 Rolex Calendar! Hannes, Michael and Percy made this incredible calendar called Fruits of Passion’ and it is for sale Movado replica watche for a mere (Euro) 39,90, excluding shipping.Below is one of the pictures that didn’t make it to the calendar, but it is still one of the nicest Day-Dates I have ever seen.Period.You can order it at r-l-x.de/calendar.htm.I know there is a bit much Rolex news/postings here lately, but that’s simply because I am fascinated by this brand ofcourse I will try to ease up a bit and post about other brands as well this week Small noteExpect some stuff for sale here as well.

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With all eyes on Vancouver and the Winter Olympics, Replica Omega 4614.50.01 Co-Axial Small Seconds Watch the Sierra Club is taking an opportunity to call attention to the environmentally destructive practice of oil sands mining. It has launched a campaign called Love Winter, Hate Oil Sands and partnered with three winter athletesskier (and founder of Save Our Snow Foundation) Alison Gannett, snowboarder (and founder of Protect Our Winters) Jeremy Jones, and former NHL goaltender (and Olympic silver medalist) Mike Richterto call out the link between oil sands and climate change.

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Oil sands (aka tar sands) extraction is more energy and water intensive than conventional oil extraction, but its also big business in Canadaspecifically Alberta.The Vancouver Olympics are partnering with several companies responsible for oil Replica Omega 2504.80 Aqua Terra Automatic Watch sands expansion, says the Sierra Clubs deputy press secretary Kristina Johnson. These firms include Petro Canada (Sunoco), which runs six oil sands projects, Transcanada, the company behind a major proposed pipeline set to run through the U.S., and the Royal Bank of Canada, which has invested more money in oil sands than any other bank. Sierra Club has also joined forces with the Dogwood Initiative, a Canadian environmental watchdog group, in an effort to make the sloggy, snowless Cypress Mountain (conditions which are tied to the current El Nino, but never mind that) a stage for an antioilsands push.

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Magus Bosse, regular on TimeZone and owner of the replica Audemars Piguet watch Ornatus Mundi site, posted an essay on Minerva watches on TimeZone.And not to forget, Magnus Bosse is moderating the official Blancpain forum.The first collection (called 1858) of Minerva after their change of management is showed on the TimeZone Minerva Forum.Below, you’ll see the Minerva Coll.1858 Cal.48 White Gold case/grey dial.By clicking here you will find the complete essay by Magnus.Picture by Magnus Bosse.

I’ve sort of written about our squabbles enough that it’s become alittle tiresome. We were literally going through the fact-checking on a pieceI’d written for GQ about our relationship when he called up and said, “I talkedwith the guy Replica Omega 1502.40 Constellation Watch and that’s cool you’ve written about our childhood but it’sgetting a little wearying.” I said, “That’s totally cool. I’m not going to doit anymore.” And right when I was on the phone with him, I got an email from Outside asking if my brother might want to go to Italy withme. I called my brother back and said, “Hey man, I know we just had thisconversation and I’m certainly not trying to push this one way or the other but,you know, if you want to then there’s a free trip to Venice in it for you.”He said, “Cool, great.”

This Patek Philippe reference 3940 in Platinum is a real beauty, captured by SuitbertW at the Patek Forum.Although these Pateks are quite small (37mm), I feel that I could get used to it.I am not very into yellow gold either, so platinum or white gold would be a perfect option!Hi all,Just a short notice from Ernie Romers replica Oris watch Useek:We are facing a major problem with our database and the tech support is working hard to try and fix them.Very Sorry for all the inconveniences this causes to you.Best regards,Ernie RomersWatchuseekSo, please keep trying to access WatchUseek!! Ofcourse, it might take some time to get it up and running again


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Sunderland was one of several girls seeking to Replica Ulysse Nardin watches become the youngest to navigate nonstop around the world, part of a trend toward teenage solo sailing that was the subject of an Outside story in October, 2009. Last year, Abby’s older brother Zac completed a trip around the world alone. At 17, he was the youngest to do so at the time. In the meantime, Jessica Watson, a 16-year-old from Australia, completed her round-the-world trip without stopping last month to set a new record.Abby Sunderland departed Marina del Rey, California, January 23.

She was forced to stop for repairs in South Africa in May. Still, she hoped to Replica Vacheron Constantin watches become the youngest to complete the voyage.--Matt Higgins By the time we arrived at base camp, the porters had dropped their loads and there was a small army of them waiting to be treated for everything from blisters to headaches to splinters. We broke out the first-aid kit and began handing out prescriptions. With their wounds patched and their wages in hand the porters headed back down to Hushe, hopeful that the next expedition would be along soon. However, about 20 minutes out of camp our luck ran out and we finally got nailed.

Thankfully, Shaischo camp has two rock shelters with a Replica A Lange&Sohne watches covered area between them that enabled us to wait out the rain before setting up our tents.After a bowl of hot soup (Ramen noodles taste so much better when you’re cold and wet), the rain finally ended and the porters began to get restless. It wasn’t long before a campfire was blazing and the entire group had gathered around. Blue expedition barrels were tested for tonality and the best of the lot was handed over to one of the older porters sitting front and center before the fire.