The Astros hitters couldn't hit it and they couldn't lay off kind of like Kit Keller

The Astros hitters couldn't hit it and they couldn't lay off kind of like Kit Keller and her high FB fetish…It isn't the losing that irritates me as much as the, um, uh, lack of energy.Except for Michael Bourn, everyone looks just dead out there.I'd rather watch a bunch of rooks who are obviously trying hard, even if they were terrible.Yeah, that would be Pittsburgh.But what can I say? Trouble with the Pirates is that the owner has the replica Bvlgari AC44TAVD/SLN Men's watch trade away every single player who is tradeable and more than arb.So it is your AAAA club every single year.And the Astros are looking even worse.Bourn and Blum are the ONLY position players hitting over .260.And Berkman, Pence, Lee, Quintero, Matsui etc are all hovering around the Mendoza line.And speaking of Kit Keller, I bet those GRRRRRLS would beat this team hands down…

He’s 2-2 in 4 GS and 2 in relief against the Astros. replica Chopard 278236-3005 watch Claudio is a 4 or 5 guy who has a career 4.92 ERA -?93 ERA+ which has been reasonably steady from year to year.Oh, I forgot.Sorry.Of course yall wanna know if grrlz went out on Grrlz Night Out.Of COURSE! She screamed and I screamed for Ice Cream and there’s no place like Hank’s.And of course Husband hadn’t put the kidS to bed and so when Mami got home Mami had to hear it about why did Lil Miss get to go and they dinttt?!!Because, I said, there was only one ticket and it was her turn.Shut them up but good.Men never think of the obvious….

Fogg was used as a reliever by the Sox, 13 IP in 11 games, but he was put right into the starting rotation when he came to the Pirates and has gone 34 32 with a 4.This year he's 1-1 with 6 BB and 14 K in 18.1 IP with a 1.25 WHIP and a 2.45 ERA.vs Houston: 3 4 in 11 GS with 9 HR, 27 BB, 34 K, WHIP 1.38, ERA 5.14 and .254 BAt the Box: 1-3 in 7 GS in 37 IP giving up 6 HR, 20 BB, 19 K 1.51 WHIP, 5.11 ERA and a .257 BAA.We just replica Tissot T010.417.17.031.01 Men's watch the home crowd, which, will probably be about 20,000 (no Cub fans tonight, sorry beer vendors) so hopefully we can give Andy the same kind of run support we gave Brandon and Roy for the last few days.Brad Lidge has pneumonia and is still out, as far as I know, although he was (I hear) at the park yesterday.Don't know if anyone else is sick.Other news: Lance Berkman is playing at Round Rock to get back into things, played LF and went 2 fer 4.

the boy he’s gonna get his chance to show defensive skills tomorrow fer SHER

And the boy he’s gonna get his chance to show defensive skills tomorrow fer SHER because Woody Williams is an extreme fly ball pitcher and there will be a LOT of balls hit out there.Woody has been good vs Milwaukee 12-5 in 17 GS and 9 in relief: 10 HR, 37 BB, 97 K over 129.2 IP: 2.98 ERA, 1.37 WHIP and a . replica Chopard 278237-4013 watch.He faces Claudio Vargas, RHP who came up with Montreal in 03 and was picked up by the D-Backs when he was released mid-05.He signed a FA contract with Milwaukee this past offseason.

Anyway, today's game -Ezequiel Astacio vs Kip Wells:I've discussed Ezequiel Astacio up one side and down the other and I really don't have anything to add besides if he stinks it up, there's Jared Gothreaux and Wandy Rodriguez waiting…Kip Wells I replica Tissot T50.1.585.50 Ladie's watch talked about last week and you remember how well he did LAST week hope he's forgotten how to pitch since then…He's a Houston boy should get a big hand.This year, he's gone 2-3 with 6 HR, 19 BB and 23 K and a 4.99 ERA and a 1.47 WHIP in 30 IP.

Andy Pettite pitched very well in the game against Kip Wells last week unfortunately, when your team gets 4 hits in 9 innings and strands their few runners, giving up 2 runs is 2 too many…This year, Andy is 1-2 with a 3.45 ERA and 2 ND with 2 HR, 7 BB and 19 K.He has suffered from Clemens Syndrome (poor no run support) and hopefully, replica Tissot T-Navigator 3000 Steel today he'll get some relief from his suffereing.Josh Fogg, the other pitcher the Pirates got from the White Sox in that infamous Todd Ritchie trade was drafted 3rd in the same 1998 draft as Kip Wells.

It seems to me that the new pitching policy is that starters are going to be sent out until

It seems to me that the new pitching policy is that starters are going to be sent out until they are well over 100 pitches, can barely get the ball over the plate and have given up runs have men on base with no outs, etc.Andy Pettitte had freaking elbow replica Tissot T52.2.481.31 Men's watch surgery last summer and was leading 8-0 after the 7th.He had thrown 95 pitches already.WHY was he sent back out there? Does Garner and Hickey (pitching coach) actually think that the bullpen can't hold a 8 run lead? He BARELY got out Cota and Hill, then walked Amezega.Here we are at 105 pitches.Hickey goes to the mound.

Why ASK a macho man if he can get the next guy out? Talk about a stupid question.So Tike Redman sends the second pitch into the right field stands Jason Lane didn't even bother to move.I had heard horror stories about Garner fragging arms and I'm replica Tissot T30.1.485.12 Men's watch beginning to see what people talking about.We don't have the best bullpen in the majors, but I think they could hold an 8 run lead against a last place team.These starters are gonna be worn down by the end of August.

Fair is fair.And the first time he doesn’t hit with men on base AND we happen to lose, I’m gonna blame him for losing, just as everyone felt it was right to do to Chris Burke.Seeing as how it was all his fault.You take him off the roster and we only leave replica Chopard 276137-0013 watch guys on base AND we win.Pence most certainly didn’t win this game for the Astros, that’s fer sher.So until he starts doing that, I’m not gonna annoint him The Saviour.

I notice the guys stopped being aggressive on the bases

12 hits, 4 walks, 11 runs and 9 LOB.After the score hit 8-0, I notice the guys stopped being aggressive on the bases (except Morgan Ensberg, who stretched a single into a double by being heads up and sliding into second because Freddy Sanchez, the Pirate second baseman, wasn't paying attention to either Ensberg or Jason Lane, replica Tissot T60.1.527.52 Men's watch who stood like a rock at third.) I wonder if this isn't the old ridiculous “unwritten rules” about how far ahead you “allowed” to go which need to go straight into the incinerator remember this is the self same night that St.Louis scored 7 runs with 1 out in the 9th to win the game.

I ALSO want to see if he can come forward to catch a ball and not let it drop in front of him so he can catch it on the bounce Burke had his faults fer SHER, but that wasn’t one of them.I ALSO want to see if he can hit the cutoff man, unlike Willy.I’m willing to give the guy the same 30 AB the rest of the Astros fans gave Chris Burke.Hey, that’s replica Chopard 278488-9001 watch generous most of them didn’t even want him on the freaking TEAM and didn’t want to give him even ONE AB.Either he looks like Beltran out there by then, or I’ll be screaming that he’s had his chance and needs to be sent back down where he belongs.Same thing the FIRST time he misplays a ball.

But I gots to admit he did bust it down the line for once trouble is that he can't run fast cuz Pence or Bourn woulda beat that one out.Sampson pitches a scoreless inning, then Haren mops up Berkman (with help from the HP ump, calling ankle high pitch replica Bvlgari BB26SS/12 Ladie's watch which SHOULD have been ball 4, strike 2), Pence grounds out, Blum singles and Manzella takes the sombrero.I'm surprised that this sorry team even managed 7 hits.I noticed that almost all of Dan Haren's pitches were low and outside.


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